Homeownership Rate

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Homeownership Rate

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What does this measure?

The percentage of all occupied housing units (not vacant) that are owner-occupied (not rented).

Why is this important?

A home is often a family's greatest financial asset. Owning a home is a traditional part of the American dream and a typical entry point into the middle class. Homeownership is an important factor for neighborhood stability and civic participation.

How is the region performing?

In 2017-21, 71% of occupied housing units in the Mid-Hudson Valley were owner-occupied, equal to the state (excluding NYC) rate and above the national rate of 65%. Each county in the Mid-Hudson Valley had similar owner-occupied rates in 2017-21, except Putnam (83%), and have not varied more than 5 points from each other or the current rate since 2000.

Homeownership rates were particularly low in some of the region's cities, such as Poughkeepsie (37%), Hudson (36%) and Newburgh (35%). Other municipalities with low homeownership rates included the villages of Fishkill and Kiryas Joel (both at 33%). The highest rates of homeownership were in the towns of Clinton (96%), Forestburgh (97%), Hamptontonburgh (94%), Lexington (98%), and East Fishkill and Lumberland (both at 93%).

Notes about the data

Multiyear figures are from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey. The bureau combined five years of responses to the survey to provide estimates for smaller geographic areas and increase the precision of its estimates. However, because the information came from a survey, the samples responding to the survey were not always large enough to produce reliable results, especially in small geographic areas. CGR has noted on data tables the estimates with relatively large margins of error. Estimates with three asterisks have the largest margins, plus or minus 50% or more of the estimate. Two asterisks mean plus or minus 35%-50%, and one asterisk means plus or minus 20%-35%. For all estimates, the confidence level is 90%, meaning there is 90% probability the true value (if the whole population were surveyed) would be within the margin of error (or confidence interval). The survey provides data on characteristics of the population that used to be collected only during the decennial census. Data for this indicator are expected to be released in the fourth quarter.

Homeownership Rate
NYS (excluding NYC)70%71%70%71%
Columbia Cities
Hudson city, Columbia County34%43%35%36%
Columbia Towns
Ancram town, Columbia County79%73%75%87%
Austerlitz town, Columbia County84%88%83%89%
Canaan town, Columbia County83%90%82%83%
Chatham town, Columbia County77%86%76%81%
Claverack town, Columbia County74%78%76%78%
Clermont town, Columbia County76%83%81%86%
Copake town, Columbia County75%90%74%82%
Gallatin town, Columbia County82%85%86%89%
Germantown town, Columbia County73%74%76%85%
Ghent town, Columbia County75%78%77%76%
Greenport town, Columbia County67%61%68%56%
Hillsdale town, Columbia County72%74%76%77%
Kinderhook town, Columbia County77%79%82%75%
Livingston town, Columbia County74%72%72%67%
New Lebanon town, Columbia County74%71%78%79%
Stockport town, Columbia County74%78%73%75%
Stuyvesant town, Columbia County78%72%79%77%
Taghkanic town, Columbia County85%80%89%88%
Columbia Villages
Chatham village, Columbia County56%56%46%*56%*
Kinderhook village, Columbia County79%82%86%83%
Philmont village, Columbia County48%46%*47%*50%*
Valatie village, Columbia County59%64%*65%78%*
Dutchess Cities
Beacon city, Dutchess County56%54%54%62%
Poughkeepsie city, Dutchess County37%40%35%37%
Dutchess Towns
Amenia town, Dutchess County69%59%67%59%
Beekman town, Dutchess County86%91%89%88%
Clinton town, Dutchess County85%87%80%96%
Dover town, Dutchess County73%76%72%69%
East Fishkill town, Dutchess County90%92%90%93%
Fishkill town, Dutchess County65%67%67%64%
Hyde Park town, Dutchess County74%74%72%75%
La Grange town, Dutchess County90%92%94%89%
Milan town, Dutchess County79%81%80%78%
North East town, Dutchess County68%72%60%77%
Pawling town, Dutchess County75%74%74%77%
Pine Plains town, Dutchess County70%81%70%75%
Pleasant Valley town, Dutchess County73%71%67%65%
Poughkeepsie town, Dutchess County70%70%69%68%
Red Hook town, Dutchess County73%77%70%74%
Rhinebeck town, Dutchess County67%69%66%68%
Stanford town, Dutchess County72%74%75%83%
Union Vale town, Dutchess County89%80%84%83%
Wappinger town, Dutchess County66%70%68%65%
Washington town, Dutchess County63%65%65%64%
Dutchess Villages
Fishkill village, Dutchess County42%45%*32%*33%*
Millbrook village, Dutchess County52%50%52%47%*
Millerton village, Dutchess County54%64%*54%*57%*
Pawling village, Dutchess County51%55%58%55%
Red Hook village, Dutchess County62%56%55%63%*
Rhinebeck village, Dutchess County59%57%54%53%
Tivoli village, Dutchess County44%62%*48%53%*
Wappingers Falls village, Dutchess County40%40%35%*34%*
Greene Towns
Ashland town, Greene County77%85%*91%*92%*
Athens town, Greene County75%81%79%85%
Cairo town, Greene County73%62%70%77%
Catskill town, Greene County64%66%63%70%
Coxsackie town, Greene County69%69%74%69%
Durham town, Greene County81%80%84%82%
Greenville town, Greene County79%80%81%85%
Halcott town, Greene County80%79%*84%*85%**
Hunter town, Greene County66%68%71%62%*
Jewett town, Greene County79%75%94%*90%
Lexington town, Greene County83%88%92%98%*
New Baltimore town, Greene County85%91%95%90%
Prattsville town, Greene County85%79%*88%*80%*
Windham town, Greene County71%84%82%90%
Greene Villages
Athens village, Greene County66%71%63%75%
Catskill village, Greene County53%52%48%*64%*
Coxsackie village, Greene County60%54%64%56%
Hunter village, Greene County59%60%*59%***74%***
Tannersville village, Greene County59%49%**62%**51%***
Orange Cities
Middletown city, Orange County46%51%53%55%
Newburgh city, Orange County31%35%32%35%
Port Jervis city, Orange County45%49%50%52%
Orange Towns
Blooming Grove town, Orange County81%83%83%81%
Chester town, Orange County79%82%81%80%
Cornwall town, Orange County71%80%68%73%
Crawford town, Orange County77%84%79%78%
Deerpark town, Orange County81%79%83%81%
Goshen town, Orange County69%68%67%75%
Greenville town, Orange County88%90%92%85%
Hamptonburgh town, Orange County89%96%93%94%
Highlands town, Orange County40%42%42%40%
Minisink town, Orange County82%89%87%79%
Monroe town, Orange County66%66%57%81%
Montgomery town, Orange County72%69%70%70%
Mount Hope town, Orange County83%89%85%81%
New Windsor town, Orange County70%77%73%72%
Newburgh town, Orange County82%84%82%82%
Tuxedo town, Orange County74%73%76%84%
Wallkill town, Orange County61%63%66%67%
Warwick town, Orange County78%80%79%79%
Wawayanda town, Orange County85%81%76%85%
Woodbury town, Orange County83%90%84%88%
Orange Villages
Chester village, Orange County58%68%65%56%*
Cornwall-on-Hudson village, Orange County74%75%72%69%
Florida village, Orange County80%81%75%79%
Goshen village, Orange County54%53%51%61%
Greenwood Lake village, Orange County69%73%80%77%*
Harriman village, Orange County55%63%45%49%*
Highland Falls village, Orange County49%46%49%54%
Kiryas Joel village, Orange County31%32%26%33%
Maybrook village, Orange County60%52%64%55%
Monroe village, Orange County83%84%77%84%
Montgomery village, Orange County71%69%65%64%
Otisville village, Orange County71%76%*79%*65%*
South Blooming Grove village, Orange County89%79%79%
Tuxedo Park village, Orange County80%88%*87%90%**
Unionville village, Orange County74%83%**83%*60%**
Walden village, Orange County63%66%62%62%*
Warwick village, Orange County64%67%60%61%
Washingtonville village, Orange County74%77%75%79%
Woodbury village, Orange County91%87%92%
Putnam Towns
Carmel town, Putnam County85%86%83%82%
Kent town, Putnam County83%86%87%87%
Patterson town, Putnam County80%81%80%85%
Philipstown town, Putnam County78%79%80%81%
Putnam Valley town, Putnam County88%88%90%89%
Southeast town, Putnam County78%78%74%78%
Putnam Villages
Brewster village, Putnam County25%19%*16%**23%**
Cold Spring village, Putnam County60%61%64%63%
Nelsonville village, Putnam County73%57%*75%77%*
Sullivan Towns
Bethel town, Sullivan County80%71%*69%76%
Callicoon town, Sullivan County79%75%80%81%
Cochecton town, Sullivan County83%91%78%80%
Delaware town, Sullivan County74%71%*75%75%
Fallsburg town, Sullivan County59%54%60%61%
Forestburgh town, Sullivan County81%87%83%97%
Fremont town, Sullivan County78%79%86%89%*
Highland town, Sullivan County83%75%73%89%
Liberty town, Sullivan County59%58%57%51%
Lumberland town, Sullivan County82%82%84%93%
Mamakating town, Sullivan County78%79%76%77%
Neversink town, Sullivan County81%86%82%84%
Rockland town, Sullivan County70%64%72%86%
Thompson town, Sullivan County53%53%52%54%
Tusten town, Sullivan County80%79%76%82%
Sullivan Villages
Bloomingburg village, Sullivan County56%52%**29%**31%***
Jeffersonville village, Sullivan County67%73%**56%**70%**
Liberty village, Sullivan County44%40%37%*30%*
Monticello village, Sullivan County28%29%*28%*31%*
Woodridge village, Sullivan County44%46%*38%*47%*
Wurtsboro village, Sullivan County68%72%*62%*75%*
Ulster Cities
Kingston city, Ulster County47%48%46%46%
Ulster Towns
Denning town, Ulster County80%81%*80%*75%*
Esopus town, Ulster County73%75%73%84%
Gardiner town, Ulster County76%80%76%75%*
Hardenburgh town, Ulster County68%66%**67%**92%**
Hurley town, Ulster County86%84%92%92%
Kingston town, Ulster County88%89%85%83%*
Lloyd town, Ulster County65%66%71%64%
Marbletown town, Ulster County79%83%84%86%
Marlborough town, Ulster County68%68%69%74%
New Paltz town, Ulster County54%56%56%55%
Olive town, Ulster County80%86%78%90%
Plattekill town, Ulster County70%68%75%77%
Rochester town, Ulster County76%85%79%80%
Rosendale town, Ulster County72%76%74%71%
Saugerties town, Ulster County72%73%70%69%
Shandaken town, Ulster County73%72%79%80%
Shawangunk town, Ulster County79%78%81%*83%
Ulster town, Ulster County72%67%70%66%
Wawarsing town, Ulster County62%65%65%63%
Woodstock town, Ulster County76%79%81%72%
Ulster Villages
Ellenville village, Ulster County40%49%54%48%*
New Paltz village, Ulster County29%35%*28%30%*
Saugerties village, Ulster County47%46%47%49%

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Notes: Multiyear results are from rolling American Community Survey. * Margin of error between 20% & 35% of estimate; ** margin of error between 35% & 50%; *** margin of error greater than 50%.

Number of Owner-occupied Housing Units
NYS (excluding NYC)2,827,1142,961,7212,894,3713,017,840
Columbia Cities
Hudson city, Columbia County9951,166977887
Columbia Towns
Ancram town, Columbia County473497438449
Austerlitz town, Columbia County523497548695
Canaan town, Columbia County533519555659
Chatham town, Columbia County1,3521,4581,3181,363
Claverack town, Columbia County1,8361,9211,9881,870
Clermont town, Columbia County450623594621
Copake town, Columbia County9611,2859741,151
Gallatin town, Columbia County497670624537
Germantown town, Columbia County610612629710
Ghent town, Columbia County1,5101,6741,5341,499
Greenport town, Columbia County1,1871,2751,2081,085
Hillsdale town, Columbia County520623518564
Kinderhook town, Columbia County2,4472,5202,6992,524
Livingston town, Columbia County9889291,0071,017
New Lebanon town, Columbia County726765809829
Stockport town, Columbia County831945800746
Stuyvesant town, Columbia County664617668646
Taghkanic town, Columbia County390356443480
Columbia Villages
Chatham village, Columbia County412448309*421*
Kinderhook village, Columbia County431428568516
Philmont village, Columbia County277228*285*276*
Valatie village, Columbia County341335*327470*
Dutchess Cities
Beacon city, Dutchess County2,8813,0212,7923,473
Poughkeepsie city, Dutchess County4,4195,1564,4395,120
Dutchess Towns
Amenia town, Dutchess County1,1181,0271,093881
Beekman town, Dutchess County3,2333,8293,8513,640
Clinton town, Dutchess County1,2771,3901,2651,504
Dover town, Dutchess County2,2242,5532,2212,322
East Fishkill town, Dutchess County7,4048,5528,5599,006
Fishkill town, Dutchess County4,4845,7695,7996,014
Hyde Park town, Dutchess County5,4915,7845,3505,889
La Grange town, Dutchess County4,5504,8104,8994,989
Milan town, Dutchess County699754752816
North East town, Dutchess County782801709988
Pawling town, Dutchess County2,1042,2432,3192,303
Pine Plains town, Dutchess County695738725661
Pleasant Valley town, Dutchess County2,5172,5922,7062,538
Poughkeepsie town, Dutchess County10,23910,46310,46811,080
Red Hook town, Dutchess County2,6132,9022,6572,552
Rhinebeck town, Dutchess County2,0252,1892,0862,302
Stanford town, Dutchess County1,0091,1431,1101,242
Union Vale town, Dutchess County1,2301,3501,5331,349
Wappinger town, Dutchess County6,4336,9816,9216,958
Washington town, Dutchess County1,2011,2661,2511,329
Dutchess Villages
Fishkill village, Dutchess County404498*310*344*
Millbrook village, Dutchess County352355356343*
Millerton village, Dutchess County204189*206*204*
Pawling village, Dutchess County471511511490
Red Hook village, Dutchess County478474434554*
Rhinebeck village, Dutchess County815681652738
Tivoli village, Dutchess County212254*222199*
Wappingers Falls village, Dutchess County792909715*799*
Greene Towns
Ashland town, Greene County237270*311*268*
Athens town, Greene County1,1931,3661,1411,244
Cairo town, Greene County1,8731,8901,6631,773
Catskill town, Greene County3,0762,9322,6493,371
Coxsackie town, Greene County1,6671,7351,5951,576
Durham town, Greene County849791834813
Greenville town, Greene County1,0681,2271,1511,209
Halcott town, Greene County7077*105*114**
Hunter town, Greene County714780821653*
Jewett town, Greene County318328365*376
Lexington town, Greene County308371375267*
New Baltimore town, Greene County1,0811,1871,097984
Prattsville town, Greene County213252*247*266*
Windham town, Greene County511558541524
Greene Villages
Athens village, Greene County454469379518
Catskill village, Greene County942640656*1,087*
Coxsackie village, Greene County714626664657
Hunter village, Greene County136144*120***144***
Tannersville village, Greene County133107**163**94***
Orange Cities
Middletown city, Orange County4,3284,8775,4335,863
Newburgh city, Orange County2,8023,2142,8553,475
Port Jervis city, Orange County1,6011,6251,7191,837
Orange Towns
Blooming Grove town, Orange County4,7435,1414,9964,888
Chester town, Orange County3,0523,5313,0703,512
Cornwall town, Orange County3,2903,7403,1413,587
Crawford town, Orange County2,0772,7552,5072,364
Deerpark town, Orange County2,3662,5562,5672,264
Goshen town, Orange County2,7982,9913,1073,301
Greenville town, Orange County1,0881,3741,4001,343
Hamptonburgh town, Orange County1,3101,5131,4331,638
Highlands town, Orange County1,3021,0371,3651,304
Minisink town, Orange County9701,3081,2251,172
Monroe town, Orange County5,4796,5875,8845,588
Montgomery town, Orange County5,2125,5255,8055,806
Mount Hope town, Orange County1,3061,7111,4901,550
New Windsor town, Orange County5,9067,3246,8257,088
Newburgh town, Orange County8,0429,1428,7809,224
Tuxedo town, Orange County9881,1471,1391,235
Wallkill town, Orange County5,4266,2486,7087,723
Warwick town, Orange County8,4999,4119,1229,300
Wawayanda town, Orange County1,7911,8931,8192,274
Woodbury town, Orange County2,5723,3772,9163,303
Orange Villages
Chester village, Orange County8221,093951922*
Cornwall-on-Hudson village, Orange County873902755818
Florida village, Orange County767938738745
Goshen village, Orange County1,1241,0401,1051,403
Greenwood Lake village, Orange County913844989857*
Harriman village, Orange County506672445557*
Highland Falls village, Orange County785696867853
Kiryas Joel village, Orange County6891,1141,0191,895
Maybrook village, Orange County631589813705
Monroe village, Orange County2,1382,2972,0092,373
Montgomery village, Orange County9289151,074859
Otisville village, Orange County263323*302*321*
South Blooming Grove village, Orange County981877995
Tuxedo Park village, Orange County234205*192324**
Unionville village, Orange County146142**191*138**
Walden village, Orange County1,3871,6661,4431,717*
Warwick village, Orange County1,6001,9171,7221,920
Washingtonville village, Orange County1,4281,7141,5771,575
Woodbury village, Orange County3,1882,8523,206
Putnam Towns
Carmel town, Putnam County9,1749,9589,4989,827
Kent town, Putnam County4,0344,1174,1164,006
Patterson town, Putnam County2,8233,2963,0413,157
Philipstown town, Putnam County2,8042,8492,8873,031
Putnam Valley town, Putnam County3,2193,6533,6253,684
Southeast town, Putnam County4,8305,3294,7945,149
Putnam Villages
Brewster village, Putnam County208165*135**220**
Cold Spring village, Putnam County550533523557
Nelsonville village, Putnam County161143*172190*
Sullivan Towns
Bethel town, Sullivan County1,3021,142*1,2391,230
Callicoon town, Sullivan County9661,0409671,015
Cochecton town, Sullivan County459494491510
Delaware town, Sullivan County707781*788742
Fallsburg town, Sullivan County2,2322,1062,3872,399
Forestburgh town, Sullivan County264338336365
Fremont town, Sullivan County440476461444*
Highland town, Sullivan County785737769958
Liberty town, Sullivan County2,1972,1341,9401,803
Lumberland town, Sullivan County644763770749
Mamakating town, Sullivan County3,2393,7803,1533,295
Neversink town, Sullivan County1,0881,2051,0251,215
Rockland town, Sullivan County1,0971,0521,0511,362
Thompson town, Sullivan County2,9613,1402,9163,314
Tusten town, Sullivan County464479469547
Sullivan Villages
Bloomingburg village, Sullivan County7577**43**52***
Jeffersonville village, Sullivan County10898**67**105**
Liberty village, Sullivan County749696588*513*
Monticello village, Sullivan County727770*733*827*
Woodridge village, Sullivan County156155*135*115*
Wurtsboro village, Sullivan County327296*300*395*
Ulster Cities
Kingston city, Ulster County4,6614,7564,3314,357
Ulster Towns
Denning town, Ulster County172184*159*135*
Esopus town, Ulster County2,5122,5402,3663,398
Gardiner town, Ulster County1,5261,7901,6311,040*
Hardenburgh town, Ulster County6753**68**60**
Hurley town, Ulster County2,3292,3612,4812,365
Kingston town, Ulster County313458353322*
Lloyd town, Ulster County2,3622,8812,9122,734
Marbletown town, Ulster County1,8882,0412,0162,006
Marlborough town, Ulster County2,0652,1582,4232,710
New Paltz town, Ulster County2,4222,5622,5432,675
Olive town, Ulster County1,4921,8881,5291,559
Plattekill town, Ulster County2,5672,4573,0493,191
Rochester town, Ulster County2,0512,4082,3122,317
Rosendale town, Ulster County1,8711,9601,7731,686
Saugerties town, Ulster County5,3735,6805,2635,613
Shandaken town, Ulster County1,0591,0431,1701,180
Shawangunk town, Ulster County2,6963,0313,236*3,618
Ulster town, Ulster County3,5163,3333,4983,464
Wawarsing town, Ulster County2,7362,7592,9192,739
Woodstock town, Ulster County2,2382,1752,3112,310
Ulster Villages
Ellenville village, Ulster County627709806721*
New Paltz village, Ulster County545722*538626*
Saugerties village, Ulster County784830804871

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Notes: Multiyear results are from rolling American Community Survey. * Margin of error between 20% & 35% of estimate; ** margin of error between 35% & 50%; *** margin of error greater than 50%.

Children Living in Poverty Increasing
Children Living in Poverty, by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
Single-Parent Families Increasing
Single-Parent Families, by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
Rate of Child Abuse and Neglect Decreasing
Rate of Foster Care Admissions Decreasing
Teen Pregnancy Decreasing
Voter Registration Rate Increasing
Voter Participation Rate Decreasing
Total Population Increasing
Population by Age Not Applicable
Population by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
Household Types Not Applicable
Change in Total Jobs Increasing
Foreign-Born Population Increasing
Employment by Sector Not Applicable
Spending for County Government Increasing
Tourism Revenue Increasing
Preschoolers Receiving Special Education Services Increasing
Prekindergarten Participation Decreasing
Students Receiving Special Education Services Increasing
Per-Student Spending Increasing
Student Performance on Grade 4 English, by Economic Background Not Applicable
Student Performance on Grade 4 English, by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
Student Performance on Grade 4 Math, by Economic Background Not Applicable
Student Performance on Grade 4 Math, by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
High School Cohort Graduation Rate Increasing
High School Cohort Dropout Rate Decreasing
High School GED Rate Decreasing
Education Levels of Adults Not Applicable
Education Levels of Adults, by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
Median Household Income Maintaining
Median Household Income, by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
People Living in Poverty Maintaining
People Living in Poverty, by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
Seniors Living in Poverty Increasing
Veterans Living in Poverty Maintaining
Children Receiving Subsidized Child Care Decreasing
Students Eligible for Free/Reduced Price Lunch Increasing
Earned Income Tax Credit Participation Decreasing
People Without Health Insurance Decreasing
Deaths from Drug Overdoses Increasing
Early Prenatal Care, by Mother's Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
Living Wage Rate by Household Type Not Applicable
Income in Relation to Poverty Level Not Applicable
Babies with Low Birth Weights Increasing
People Living wth HIV Increasing
Mental Health Clinic Visits Decreasing
Homeownership Rates Increasing
Homeless Persons Decreasing
Cost of Homeownership Maintaining
Cost of Renting Not Applicable
Violent Crimes Decreasing
Domestic Violence Decreasing
Arrest Rates, by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable