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Voter Participation Rate

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Voter Participation Rate

What does this measure?

The percentage of the voting-age population (18 and over) that actually voted in an election.

Why is this important?

Voting is a basic responsibility of all citizens and an indication of the citizenry's interest in and commitment to participating in our political process.

How is the region performing?

In the 2020 presidential election, 64% of the region's eligible voters voted, up from 2016 (57%), the turnout rate in 2020 was 7 points higher. Columbia County had the highest rate of voter participation in the region (72% in 2020), followed by Putnam (70%). Sullivan and Orange counties had the lowest turnout in 2020 (59% and 61% respectively).

Notes about the data

Voter turnout was calculated using votes cast in the top race on the ballot. Turnout was not reported in non-presidential, non-gubernatorial years since data were not readily available. Comparable national data are only available in presidential years.

Voter Participation Rate
Columbia County60%48%64%51%64%48%58%42%63%59%72%
Dutchess County53%36%56%38%59%38%53%33%56%47%63%
Greene County58%43%59%46%58%42%52%40%57%48%64%
Orange County53%35%56%35%57%37%51%33%56%43%61%
Putnam County61%40%63%44%63%43%57%36%62%49%70%
Sullivan County52%36%54%36%53%36%47%30%52%41%59%
Ulster County58%42%62%44%62%42%54%37%57%53%67%
NYS (excluding NYC)57%39%59%40%59%39%53%33%57%45%64%

Source: Federal Elections Commission, New York State Board of Elections
Notes: Rates were calculated using Census estimates of the population 18 and over. National data only available for presidential years.

Number of People who Voted
Columbia County28,97923,04031,32625,01531,85724,26429,05921,27931,15229,22335,781
Dutchess County112,61477,348124,52085,539133,61988,378123,42477,738132,234113,253151,889
Greene County21,30816,17022,61317,83122,87016,85120,64915,94622,32519,15125,320
Orange County127,97088,121145,71892,974153,649100,047140,62591,147156,666122,484173,843
Putnam County42,81428,96146,72932,34947,46532,74944,24828,04248,86538,51355,320
Sullivan County28,95420,54831,29221,01831,50921,85128,41318,08330,48424,53535,132
Ulster County78,85358,57288,17762,78090,01761,42879,34553,80482,94878,57198,160
NYS (excluding NYC)4,691,7133,275,8734,988,6133,348,3765,080,0493,354,0904,616,4282,894,3785,026,9594,009,7475,624,033

Source: Federal Elections Commission, New York State Board of Elections
Notes: National data only available for presidential years.