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Bullying Incidents Per 1,000 students

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Bullying Incidents Per 1,000 students

What does this measure?

The number of incidents of intimidation, harassment, menacing, bullying, or cyber-bullying reported by school districts to New York State, per 1,000 students in the school districts in a county or school district.

Why is this important?

Intimidation and bullying behavior can negatively affect a student's self-esteem, ability to concentrate and ability to learn. It may affect not only the targeted student, but also other students who feel afraid or insecure in an environment where bullying is occurring.

How is the region performing?

There were 9.3 bullying incidents for every 1,000 students in the region in 2018, slightly lower than the state rate (excluding New York City). The regional rate fell 15% from 2014 through 2018. In 2018, Columbia County had the lowest rate of bullying incidents at 5.3 per 1,000 students, following by Dutchess, at 5.9. Greene County had the highest rate at 16, followed by Sullivan, at 14 per 1,000 students. Some school districts had especially high rates in 2018, including Highland Falls in Orange (54) and Berkshire in Columbia (36) in contrast with Taconic Hills (2.2) in Columbia and Goshen (1.7) in Orange with especially low rates.

Notes about the data

The state has revamped its process for collecting data on bullying and other school safety offenses. Beginning in 2013-14, cyberbullying was added as an offense and is included in the data we report for bullying. The accuracy of the data depends on students reporting bullying behavior, and on schools accurately reporting to the state. Although the state has provided guidance to schools on how incidents should be reported, there can be variations in how that guidance is interpreted by school officials. Data for this indicator are expected to be released in the third quarter.

Bullying Incidents Per 1,000 students
Columbia County11.4415.1814.2715.985.33
Dutchess County8.716.577.285.485.94
Greene County17.2110.8311.5321.0915.53
Orange County9.538.206.008.4310.34
Putnam County9.535.556.237.668.34
Sullivan County25.2032.1837.0730.2913.92
Ulster County11.9114.5611.268.3510.55
NYS (excluding NYC)15.0112.4812.0311.739.89
Columbia School Districts
Berkshire Union Free49.3846.98136.0048.5436.14
Chatham Central4.3112.337.5021.993.78
Germantown Central0.0011.9917.0614.3612.75
Hudson City5.4026.1727.3115.073.99
Kinderhook Central27.676.905.4323.154.63
New Lebanon Central0.0012.417.1322.0611.63
Taconic Hills Central9.4913.314.350.002.23
Dutchess School Districts
Arlington Central0.701.
Beacon City18.8912.2621.4512.713.41
Dover Union Free24.9812.988.199.832.98
Hyde Park Central5.7111.596.717.097.48
Millbrook Central12.4025.9710.464.210.00
Northeast Central3.820.002.624.082.89
Pawling Central33.579.0718.235.1918.63
Pine Plains Central9.2015.2028.1018.6724.86
Poughkeepsie City6.180.463.205.722.35
Red Hook Central0.511.564.245.250.00
Rhinebeck Central16.4213.6111.8616.1932.01
Spackenkill Union Free4.661.373.470.712.73
Wappingers Central10.147.776.584.662.77
Greene School Districts
Cairo-Durham Central43.0516.7430.7172.0213.39
Catskill Central0.002.491.893.3811.81
Coxsackie-Athens Central4.988.637.2813.4615.83
Greenville Central40.3425.2214.6610.3919.08
Hunter-Tannersville Central7.920.000.002.7636.46
Windham-Ashland-Jewett Central0.000.006.580.000.00
Orange School Districts
Chester Union Free0.
Cornwall Central6.668.167.858.479.21
Florida Union Free50.1264.4841.5722.1437.13
Goshen Central0.002.420.001.041.73
Greenwood Lake Union Free0.0022.2220.790.0022.18
Highland Falls Central2.146.2910.3442.2153.95
Kiryas Joel Village Union Free0.000.0012.420.000.00
Middletown City10.557.156.848.2011.87
Minisink Valley Central19.7912.997.168.0810.50
Monroe-Woodbury Central8.633.506.595.967.10
Newburgh City0.530.090.006.958.08
Pine Bush Central17.6323.6416.4710.1322.85
Port Jervis City20.2213.5812.0212.812.83
Tuxedo Union Free3.9414.7724.2925.0038.30
Valley Central10.524.620.4710.6210.01
Warwick Valley Central1.614.140.281.702.86
Washingtonville Central19.0313.246.2511.784.78
Putnam School Districts
Brewster Central22.5313.8512.337.3711.36
Carmel Central2.303.075.496.7110.94
Garrison Union Free0.0018.
Haldane Central0.002.360.000.003.58
Mahopac Central12.722.454.4011.634.84
Putnam Valley Central1.
Sullivan School Districts
Eldred Central21.715.004.951.743.62
Fallsburg Central90.6477.5490.5866.3722.30
Liberty Central27.1660.5533.5945.5418.97
Livingston Manor Central27.030.0016.0237.950.00
Monticello Central8.9618.4841.7419.598.69
Sullivan West Central4.358.140.0014.2716.53
Tri-Valley Central4.4016.3532.0219.1617.86
Ulster School Districts
Ellenville Central32.5039.0017.544.942.48
Highland Central17.009.0012.9618.2211.01
Kingston City7.735.737.218.179.23
Marlboro Central29.8756.2226.8016.9213.35
New Paltz Central0.002.664.980.004.15
Onteora Central2.860.7310.5210.6728.62
Rondout Valley Central3.953.5917.0315.1727.00
Saugerties Central20.3529.4310.572.737.13
Wallkill Central5.432.624.994.764.83

Source: New York State Education Department

Number of Bullying Incidents
Columbia County8511210311337
Dutchess County361269292215232
Greene County102656912390
Orange County576491356491599
Putnam County1448290109117
Sullivan County243304345279129
Ulster County280327250188235
NYS (excluding NYC)24,62220,32819,41218,81315,826
Columbia School Districts
Berkshire Union Free471753
Chatham Central5148234
Germantown Central071087
Hudson City104749277
Kinderhook Central521310418
New Lebanon Central05395
Taconic Hills Central1419603
Dutchess School Districts
Arlington Central6919969
Beacon City6038643710
Dover Union Free361811134
Hyde Park Central2142242526
Millbrook Central13261040
Northeast Central30232
Pawling Central421122621
Pine Plains Central914271423
Poughkeepsie City272142510
Red Hook Central138100
Rhinebeck Central1815131733
Spackenkill Union Free72514
Wappingers Central11889735130
Greene School Districts
Cairo-Durham Central4420378716
Catskill Central043517
Coxsackie-Athens Central712101821
Greenville Central4829171222
Hunter-Tannersville Central300114
Windham-Ashland-Jewett Central00200
Orange School Districts
Chester Union Free00032
Cornwall Central2226252729
Florida Union Free4255351830
Goshen Central07035
Greenwood Lake Union Free01211011
Highland Falls Central26104254
Kiryas Joel Village Union Free00200
Middletown City7549495987
Minisink Valley Central7950273038
Monroe-Woodbury Central6024454148
Newburgh City6107790
Pine Bush Central981268652118
Port Jervis City563731327
Tuxedo Union Free27669
Valley Central462024542
Warwick Valley Central6151610
Washingtonville Central8256264819
Putnam School Districts
Brewster Central7345392335
Carmel Central1013232845
Garrison Union Free04000
Haldane Central02003
Mahopac Central5911194920
Putnam Valley Central279914
Sullivan School Districts
Eldred Central143312
Fallsburg Central1241061269031
Liberty Central4497537432
Livingston Manor Central1207170
Monticello Central27541225625
Sullivan West Central5901518
Tri-Valley Central518342018
Ulster School Districts
Ellenville Central56673084
Highland Central3116233219
Kingston City5036455158
Marlboro Central58108523225
New Paltz Central061109
Onteora Central41141436
Rondout Valley Central87333052
Saugerties Central567827718
Wallkill Central178151414

Source: New York State Education Department

Children Living in Poverty Increasing
Children Living in Poverty, by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
Single-Parent Families Increasing
Single-Parent Families, by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
Rate of Child Abuse and Neglect Maintaining
Rate of Foster Care Admissions Maintaining
Teen Pregnancy Decreasing
Live Births to Teen Mothers Decreasing
Juvenile Delinquency Intakes Decreasing
Bullying at School Decreasing
Average Charitable Giving Increasing
Voter Registration Rate Increasing
Voter Participation Rate Decreasing
Total Population Increasing
Population by Age Not Applicable
Population by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
Household Types Not Applicable
Change in Total Jobs Increasing
Foreign-Born Population Increasing
Employment by Sector Not Applicable
Spending for County Government Increasing
Tourism Revenue Increasing
Preschoolers Receiving Special Education Services Increasing
Prekindergarten Participation Increasing
Students Receiving Special Education Services Increasing
Per-Student Spending Increasing
Student Performance on Grade 4 English, by Student Group Not Applicable
Student Performance on Grade 4 English, by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
Student Performance on Grade 4 Math, by Student Group Not Applicable
Student Performance on Grade 4 Math, by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
High School Cohort Graduation Rate Increasing
High School Cohort Dropout Rate Decreasing
High School GED Rate Decreasing
Plans of High School Graduates Not Applicable
Education Levels of Adults Not Applicable
Education Levels of Adults, by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
Median Household Income Decreasing
Median Household Income, by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
People Living in Poverty Increasing
People Living in Poverty, by Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
Seniors Living in Poverty Decreasing
Children Receiving Subsidized Child Care Maintaining
Veterans Living in Poverty Decreasing
Economically Disadvantaged Students Increasing
Earned Income Tax Credit Participation Decreasing
Living Wage Rate by Household Type Not Applicable
Income in Relation to Poverty Level Not Applicable
People Without Health Insurance Decreasing
Early Prenatal Care, by Mother's Race/Ethnicity Not Applicable
Domestic Violence Increasing
Deaths from Drug Overdoses Increasing
Babies with Low Birth Weights Maintaining
People Living wth HIV Decreasing
Mental Health Clinic Visits Decreasing
Homeownership Rates Maintaining
Homeless Persons Decreasing
Housing Affordability for Homeowners Maintaining
Housing Affordability for Renters Not Applicable
Violent Crimes Decreasing