Data Updates to Mid-Hudson Valley Profiles Site Provide Comparative Data

Data Updates to Mid-Hudson Valley Profiles Site Provide Comparative Data

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Data Updates to Mid-Hudson Valley Profiles Site Provide Comparative Data

The Mid-Hudson Valley Community Profiles website was recently updated to provide the latest in comparative data for understanding how Dutchess, Orange and Ulster counties stack up with each other and the rest of New York State. Now in its fifth year the Community Profiles website is designed to provide government, nonprofits, and educational institutions with a useful, annually updated tool for assessing and understanding the populations they serve and communities in which they operate.

The website—which is located at -- provides an “apples–to–apples” understanding of regional trends and comparative information that had once been difficult to obtain because of variations in how data gets reported. The site enables organizations to track community conditions, develop programs, and affect change that will ultimately contribute to the well–being of citizens in the Mid–Hudson Valley.

As noted in the 2016 regional overview, the Mid-Hudson Valley is a healthy region of New York, outperforming state trends on several key measures. Despite a decline in 2009, the region’s economy has continued to grow over the past decade and poverty levels are lower than both state and national averages. Education levels among adults have been rising steadily, and the region is continuing to see declines in crime rates and residents without health insurance.

The region also faces several challenges that must be addressed. Housing continues to grow more unaffordable while median household income is decreasing. In addition, academic performance disparities continue to be seen along racial and ethnic divides, despite large increases in educational funding.

With input from local health and human service providers, 59 indicators were selected within the following fields to be included on the site: Children & Youth, Community Engagement, Demographics, Economy, Education, Financial Stability, Health, Housing, and Public Safety.

Some of the comprehensive features included on this site are:

  • One regional profile section that includes charts, data tables, and analysis of the three–county region (Dutchess, Orange, and Ulster) based on a consistent set of 59 indicators.
  • Three separate community profile sites (Dutchess, Orange, and Ulster) that include charts, data tables, and analysis specific to each individual county with comparisons to the region.
  • Key trends analysis for the nine main fields for each of the four community profile sites.
  • A summary report compiling key trends for each of the four profile sites.
  • Demographic indicators, including total population, age of population, population by race and ethnicity, and household type for each of the four profile sites.
  • Regular updating of indicator data, charts, and analysis, as well as county and regional summaries.
  • The ability for users to export data into a CSV format such as Excel.

To learn more about the Mid-Hudson Valley Community Profiles website visit:

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